The Kitelauncher – No more tangles, no more line cross-overs!

The Kitelauncher™ is a stiff plastic object of approximately 18″ in length and 8″ in diameter at the nose. The base locks down the kite control bar with the sheeting system tucked into the hollow shaft. All the lines exit the shaft through a slit and are then rolled onto the spool in either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation while you rotate or twist your hand in the opposite direction preventing the lines from curling over each other.When you have rolled the lines and still have 10 ft to go wrap another 2 to 3 ft of your lines in a figure of 8 around the two hooks.This helps prevent the lines crossing over your layed out configuration. Then cinch the remaining 5 feet in an orderly manner (as not to have your lines crossed over) on the o rubber holder on the nose.The remainder of the lines and pigtails will need to untangle next time you connect your kite to your lines. This is so little effort. Compared to other kiters you are now always ready to launch. Simply hook up and go. Saving you TIME and EFFORT.Check out for more information. You can find video and introduction on the website as well. If have any experience with the Kitelauncher, just write us a comment.


Über den Author

Hallo, ich bin Manuel - Designer, Front-Entwickler & E-Commerce Experte sowie begeisterter Kitesurfer aus dem schönen Hamburg. Du findest mich auch auf Google+